UCLA professor sanctioned over sexual misconduct allegations returns to teaching, sparking protests

Still, students said they intend to resume their protests Wednesday.

On Monday, they hung a poster in his classroom saying, “Good morning sexual harasser” and placed fliers about his case on the seats. A campus official removed the fliers and sign before Piterberg arrived for his 8 a.m. class but left intact a message written on the blackboard saying, “If a tenured professor sexually assaults his own students, it’s abuse of power,” Melpignano said.

Five students in the classroom stood and held signs calling for his ouster, while dozens of others chanted protests outside his classroom. After about 20 minutes, Piterberg canceled the class. Piterberg’s second class, a survey of Middle East history from 500 to the present, also was also canceled.

The campus Daily Bruin, which reported the story, quoted one student who said he planned to drop his class.

Read the LA Times article here


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