Survivor in Spotlight: April Cacuyog

We all have a warrior inside of us, and it’s our life experiences that releases that warrior to protect us, and guide us. April’s story of courage, overcoming bullying, violence against her and her family to then a full scholarship to university and now a successful entrepreneur, is inspirational.

April is a Goodwill Ambassador of WovenHope.

April Cacuyog was raised by her grandmother and aunts. She was a good student. It was in junior high school when the trouble started as a group of girls in a nearby high school became jealous and began to harass  April. The harassment escalated to an all out attack of her by a large group, a beatdown. Even with police coming to her rescue, the harassment against the family and the family home continued, ultimately forcing the entire family to move.

This is when April’s courage become the strongest. Instead of allowing the torment of the past hold her back, April channeled her energy to becoming a track and field runner. She joked that being chased by a mob and having to run away gave her lots of practice. The more April did well in track, the stronger her dedication became to the sport. She studied hard, ran harder and was awarded a full scholarship to university.

Adversity, torture and almost anything that causes pain changes us at a DNA level. So was the case with April. She now only knows how to work hard, how to achieve her goals, how to overcome obstacles.
April Cacuyog is now a licensed realtor at a prestigious Beverly Hills brokerage and an entrepreneur.

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