Support Professional in Spotlight: Dr. Gerosa, Dove Dental Spa


Dr. Gerosa is a local dentist who has a special place in his heart for those whose smile has been stolen due to violence. Dr. Gerosa, through his dental practice Dove Dental Spa, has contributed to the creation of the WovenHope site empowering victims to become survivors. His goal is to open branches throughout the country serving the local communities. Dr. Gerosa can be booked through NCVRI as an empowerment coach and speaker.

Dr. Gerosa is a Professional Support Partner of Woven Hope

Dr. Warren Gerosa and his wife Annette relate to the many challenges of youth today as parents. With a long career as a dentist and having built a successful dental practice, Dr. Gerosa now is focused on giving back. He is active in the Catholic Church and men and women’s fellowship.
Dr. Gerosa is actively expanding his current practice to other locations by empowering and mentoring other dentists to open and operate branches of Dove Dental Spa. Among his goals is to create a Continuing Education (CE) course for other dentists, and to travel the country and world speaking on behalf of NCVRI against bullying and violence. To become a licensed private pilot is his personal goal.

Please view the following commitment letter which in his words tells the story of his commitment to the anti-bullying initiative.

“As a practicing dentist with over 30 years experience, there is nothing that touches me more than  caring for people who have been accosted due to violence. The physical and emotional trauma is immense, and getting someone back to a state where they can present themselves as a whole individual is not only critical but crucial to the healing experience. 
I will pledge the following as a support professional of Woven Hope: 
1. Free evaluations
2. Free X-Rays
3. Free Cleaning
4. No deductibles
5. I will stabilize and temporize anyone who has received trauma to their teeth due to violence as soon as they are physically able to receive care, and I will do it for no charge to the individual. 
Warren J. Gerosa, D.D.S., Inc. 
Dove Dental Spa 
8540 S. Sepulveda Blvd. Suite 1212
Los Angeles, CA 90045
(310) 645-2886


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