Beloit High School Student Beaten – School Suspends Victim Who Now Fears For His Safety

The Beloit Daily News reported,

The 16-year-old told the newspaper he was going to play basketball with other boys he thought were his friends, at a basketball court on Shore Street after school. He said one boy put up his hands and started to swing at him. After being grabbed, he said he fell to the ground and was kicked as someone took his backpack. The 16-year-old said he began to walk toward his backpack and was tackled again.

“Then I was kicked in the head with a boot,” the boy said. “I was just trying to cover my head. I had brain damage when I was little.”

After the attack, the 16-year-old said he walked back to school for help.

“I was all alone, and no one would help me. I had a bloody nose and didnt know what to do,” he said.

The boy went to the school for help, received some ice packs from the school nurse…and was promptly suspended Friday through Tuesday because he told the school he wanted to “spit” on the boys who hurt him. The victim of the beating was suspended. And his desire to spit on the boys was a tame response in light of what happened.

The young boy has brain damage that stemmed from a medical incident when he was 6 that has continued to affect him. He has been hit before, and boys tried to beat him up to steal his belt two weeks prior. He is frightened for his safety if he returns to school. If you review the video, you’ll see that he is in a completely defensive position and trying to protect his head.

Angry parents

According to the Beloit article, his parents and his sister are also gravely concerned for his safety, and are trying to sell their home. His sister forced him to delete his Facebook account because of threats he has received after the video went viral. His mother is in a wheelchair and his father is suffering from cancer, so they are staying with friends.

Wisconsin has open enrollment, which allows parents to place their children in any school even if they don’t live there. However, the enrollment period for 2017-2018 has been closed.

The mother of the boy who started the altercation turned her son in, according to a woman who commented on the story. But should the school have punished the victim? And shouldn’t the attackers have been expelled or suspended instead?

Three of the boys in the video were ‘arrested’ for the battery and one for the theft of the backpack. The backpack has reportedly been returned. Those boys, however, were back in school on May 1 after their arrest, according to a friend of the family. The 4th subject in the video was not arrested.

Juvenile “arrests” are not handled like adult arrests, which in this case could cause issues for the victim of the incident if he were to return to class.

Bullies and snowflakes

Bullies who get away without serious consequences will simply do it again.

One of the most egregious issues in current society is the tendency for people to video attacks rather than try to stop them. Not one of the students witnessing the attack tried to stop it. They just watched and recorded… the snowflake generation that refuses to help others, and only exists for themselves.

The school district claims they they wish to create a safe environment for students. They even have a special video on their home page that says “Warriors don’t bully.” But has this school truly created a “safe” place for students?



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