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WovenHope is a community of Survivors, Empowerment Coaches, Professionals and supporters intertwined in thought, healing, support, and prevention. Together we can overcome, overpower and protect each other. Let not what happened to you define you but empower you and others.


As a community woven together by experiences and hope, users can anonymously interact with each other and share similar experiences, how one over came their challenges, who was involved and what worked for them. This sharing is a healing process itself. As users interact with other users, one can recognize another for good advise. The more recognition a user receives for having given good advise, the more valuable that user becomes to others who seek advise.

While these designations are not based on professional degrees or training, they provide a basis for measuring a user’s receptivity to others users and that receptivity is what WovenHope considers the weaving that binds the user community.

No more silence. Share your story & help others.


Once you have reached the Empowerment Angel level, become an Empowerment Founder and help others create their own group on their college campus or city and be awarded the Empowerment Founder Badge. Please email us at for approval.


We're not around right now. But you can send us an email and we'll get back to you, asap.


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